LIKE Spring Festival TV Promotion Project


e-Commerce IMC Case

课题 Topic

How to successfully enter the Chinese short video market,improve the awareness,and realize the increase of user activation and daily activity?

策略 Strategy

Through the differentiated marketing of LIKE short video "magic short video self-magic device" and the special holiday of Spring Festival,the two giants, Douyin and quick hand,during the silent period,made a difference in time and made a surprise attack to Chinese market, officially log into the Chinese market,with overseas achievements as the endorsement,so as to fire the "first shot" landing in China.

周期 Cycle

Jan 29,2018 – Feb 20,2018

亮点 Highlight

1.7 celebrities New Year interactive talk and a quick push of the hash-y,"music"magic filter # and"# LIKE"to take over the New Year's Weibo feed.
2.Took advantage of the Spring Festival Gala hotspots such as @xdu bar,the right way to open the planned Spring Festival gala was put on the hot search list.
3.LIKE Short video was the same filter and sticker for Jay Chou's Spring Festival gala,attracted many users to download and use the short video.

效果 Effect

During the project,the awareness of LIKE short video increased significantly,and the baidu index rose from 300 to 1700.
LIKE short video end users showed an explosive growth, with the daily active quantity increasing by 200%, generating a total of 2.13 million video users.